Retirement Plan - Third Party Administration

Your retirement plan is very important.   It’s important to you, important to your business, important to your employees.   That's why you can't trust just anyone to create and manage your company's retirement plan.  You need a firm with the expertise to navigate the complex and technical demands an excellent retirement plan always includes.  You need a firm that will tailor the plan to your specific needs.  And you need a firm that offers flexible service and superior alternatives as it administrates your plan in the manner that is best for you and your business. 

Erickson, Brown & Kloster is that firm.  In fact, Erickson, Brown & Kloster, P.C. is everything you're looking for in retirement plan administration.

We're Experienced. 

The management of a full-featured retirement plan entails a complex maze of technical issues and IRS regulations, so your choice of administrators in Colorado is very limited.  By contrast, EB&K's reputable skill in these areas makes it the choice not only of individual businesses, but also of other CPAs needing expert help in retirement plan administration. 

We know how to help you with your business because we are experienced business people ourselves.  Every day, we endeavor to solve the same problems you encounter: managing growth without sacrificing customer satisfaction; meeting payroll; obtaining loans; surviving downturns in the economy; adjusting to an ever changing market.  We've paid our dues to become what we are today - a firm you can trust with your business. 

We're Fair. 

Erickson, Brown & Kloster is a certified public accounting firm with no vested interest in any type of financial products or equities.  Moreover, EB&K is not a registered investment advisor, nor does the firm make recommendations concerning specific investments.  This gives us the freedom to offer our qualified opinions on general investment strategies we consider appropriate and beneficial.  That means you can trust our advice to be free from any bias or prejudice - strictly in your best interests. 

We're Flexible. 

The right reports serve to keep you and your people in touch with your retirement plan.  With this priority in mind, EB&K will produce the reports you need, when you need them - whether annually, semi-annually or quarterly.  And we will provide reports with the information you decide is most important, depending on your unique situation

We're Convenient. 

Because we live and work in the same community, EB&K can provide you with the kind of personalized attention that is impossible to receive from a plan administrator in the next state - or the next time zone.  We are here where you need us, when you need us, ready to give you the easy access and superb personal service you deserve and expect.

We're Adaptable. 

A plan administrator half a continent away simply cannot get to know you and your business the way EB&K is able to do.   And because we can get to know your company, your employees and your needs firsthand, we can personalize a retirement plan custom-tailored and adaptable for your changing business and economic needs.   The purpose of our adaptability is to conform to your needs and desires.

EB&K offers standardized as well as non-standardized prototypes - "template" plans we can tailor to meet your unique, individual needs.  And in the event you need someone to answer questions about your plan, you never need to hesitate in picking up the phone and letting us know. 

We're Affordable. 

Go ahead - compare what EB&K charges for plan design and management, and you'll find we're more than competitive.  Why? Because our fees are based on the attention your plan actually receives, not on a standard industry fee schedule or formula. 

We also offer an economical approach for businesses with only a few employees, which means even smaller companies can afford a truly professional plan.  Through affiliation with Ascensus, Inc., EB&K can produce prototype retirement plans at a reasonable cost - including summary plan descriptions, notices to interested parties and necessary Department of Labor filings. 

If you really want to give your employees something they can look forward to, give us a call.  Erickson, Brown & Kloster, P.C. is ready to craft a retirement plan that will put your employees at ease and your company on the cutting edge.  We look forward to serving you.

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